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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC.                    17

scarcely a nobleman who Is not overwhelmed with
a load of it. Et vous-m$me} Monseigneur, vous devez
plus qne wus n'etes gros." " Pour vous, Monsieur
de Calonne," replied the prelate, "vous deviez,
mais vous ne devez plus."

8th. Calonne turned out of office. Paid a
visit at the Val and found the Mar6chal de
Beauveau at home.

xjth.     M.  Necker  exiled  twenty-one leagues
from Paris.    He is allowed to stay at Marolles till
further orders, with his wife.   Calonne is exiled sixty
leagues  off.     There is a vast scene of iniquity laid
open.      He  had  paid to the  Count d'Artois one
hundred and seven millions, which was to be from
thence   divided among the gang; and if the King
found It out and complained, his brother was to
declare  that he would replace it hereafter, but at
present it was necessary to patch up his affairs and
prevent an eclat.    This Prince, who has three mil-
lions a year, has for many years spent twenty-one
millions yearly.    The seizure of the papers of his
fugitive   treasurer,   Bourdon,   has   let   this   secret
escape.     The  Count d'Entragues made a protest
in favour of the Controleur-Gen6ral and against the
proceedings of the Prince de Conti's bureau, which
the bureau refused to receive.

The Marquis de la Fayette has signed a re-

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